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Dry Skin And Prom Makeup

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I have prom in 4 days and my skin is still dry and flaky because of the Regimen. As most know, dry skin and makeup don't go well. If anyone knows a good exfoliator i can use then please let me know. I don't like to use harsh ones because they are irritating but just this once won't through my skin out of waco, plus my skin isn't that sensitive to exfoliators.

Also, a really good moisturizer would be good too! I use Dan's and it seems to be too mild for me, it provides immediate relief but my skin gets dry sometimes 2 minutes later when its all absorbed in.

I am using AHA every night and that seems to help a good amount but at the end of the day i still have flaking skin around my nose, chin and between my eyebrows. Everywhere else its a problem.

Thank you in advance for any tips!

My Current Routine

The Regimen AM/PM: Cleasner (10 Seconds) BP ( 1/2 teaspoon) Moisturizer ( 1 teasoon + more as needed)

I am on my second week!

Oral Antibiotics:

-Minocycline 100mg 2x a day



-Under-eye concealer



-Acne Safe Make-up only (Cover Fx and RMS)


-Pescetarian plus very little dairy


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I recommend you to hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water and eating food that is healthy. Natural foods like fruits and vegetables have its own nutrients that can help our skin to become healthy and glowing. I will give you some tips to have a healthy and smooth skin. You can apply a natural facial mask that can be bought online or in local drugstore near you. Choose product that has betacarotene and coconut oil. Coconut oil is best for hydrating and moisturizing our skin.

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