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Not Sure What These Bumps Are?

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Hi guys,

I've been reading pretty much every thread possible on these forums and still haven't come across anyone sharing a similar story. So here we go.

First off I by no means have severe acne but it is enough to make me wonder what's happening with my body. Going to a doctor never seems to help either because they're always brushing me off with different medications to try, that USUALLY in the end make it worse. Anyways, I had amazing skin just over a month ago... Went to Mexico, came home, face blew up. I thought maybe it would go down after a couple weeks but nope. Now why I'm concerned is this isn't your typical white heads with pus that are easy to pop type pimples, they are ALWAYS just red bumps (papules) that either stay small or grow big but either way they never come to a head. They just continue to make my skin look angry and uneven.

They are concentrated to my right side of my face, lots to the right of my chin and then a few that pop up along the crease from my nose to my mouth.

I've thought a couple different theories haha either 1. It's hormonal 2. They're sweat bumps? Or 3. It's because I've had this weird cough/flem in my throat since Mexico too.... Which seems a little far fetch but maybe it has something to do with my immune system?

Now, I've had perioral dermatitis in the past (mild) but none the less I know what that looks like and it's not it. The bumps are similar but these act far more like pimples, coming and going within 4-5 days, sometimes longer... The red marks seem to last for WEEKS.

Help?! Anyone else experience pimples like this?!

Thanks loves!

I forgot to mention these are almost always never painful or hard to the touch, they feel slightly uneven or if I scrub too hard that's when they might feel a little irritated.

I got 99 problems, but my PD ain't one.

Current Regimen (AM & PM):

Cleanse with Arbonne FC5 line

Apply ACV/water solution

Moisturize with Cetaphil

Keep it simple.

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Try changing your toothpaste to something fluoride or sulphate free. Usually fluroide is an irritant as well as sodium lauryl sulphate. You probably drool at night and sleep to your right so the fluroide in your saliva causes that irritation. Try it out

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