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I have a few questions regarding my current acne treatment and any kind of help or insight would be really appreciated.

I'm a 25 year old guy with oily skin, have been doing acne treatments on and off for the past 10 years or so. Unfortunately, I have had a very bad luck with dermatologists and I can honestly say that not one treatment has helped me for more than a month tops.

I have been using Glycolic Acid 20%, a tone adjustment cream for the past 7 months (because my skin got disastrously darker in shade a year ago) and vitamin C for the past 2 months. Along with these I was taking Doxycyline (antibiotic that helps with acne treatment and it put a stop on whiteheads while doing the treatment).

For the period of 4-5 months my skin condition slowly got much better, I was starting to feel hopeful again about having a normal unoily skin. In the period of the 6th month i got a lump on my beard area which was later attributed by the doctor to the fact that I have been taking acne antibiotic for more than 6 months. He prescribed even harder antibiotic for 10 days and it gradually became much smaller, doctor said its gone and now there is only a lump as a scar that should be gone by a year or so. I stopped taking antibiotics.

It's been a month of no antibiotics and i'm still doing the treatment (which should be done for as long as i shall live, according to the doctor!) but my skin now is a complete mess. disaster. It's very oily especially at night. Even when i wash my face with specialized prescribed soap it gets really oily after an hour or 2 tops. I can somewhat figure that I am having a huge sebum problem because it's x10 more oily than it ever was.

I really really really could use ANY piece of advice of information. I wish i had the option to take Accutane and get it over with but i'm epileptic and the doctors say i'm not allowed to take it.

I have tried more than 7 dermatologists in the courses of my life, none of them helped. will currently look for a new one now hoping that there is a solution for my problem as I am 25 and tired of feeling self-conscious about my skin disorders at this age.

Because of how much i've researched these are the questions that I think could be causing the problem:

- Is the sebum excess due to the fact that i stopped acne antibiotics?

- Is it because I should stop using the toner cream since its meant to make my skin lighter which means regulate sebum?

- Is it just another breakout that is happening 7 months later?

- Is it normal to take Doxycyline for more than 7 months? what if i take it again and i got the lump another time?

- What should i do when my face gets very oily at the moment? Water only? Am i allowed to wash it more than 3 times if it's a breakout?

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