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Stopping Birth Control : Background & Advice!

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Hello everyone! I haven't posted in here in a while (which is a good sign considering I've been clear since 2009). I've recently decided (literally recently, as in yesterday) that I don't want to take birth control anymore. I have been taking it since October of 2008, till last week and quite frankly I don't want to rely on hormones for the rest of my life, especially when it comes to my skin.

A bit of background on my skin:

- I started to get acne in the 6th grade

- I tried a lot of over the counter & natural products

- Ending of grade 6, my mom bought me proactive & it controlled the acne somewhat

- Got too expensive to pay after about 8-9 months, and opted for Clean & Clear instead ( acne was still there, but still under control )

- Went from clean & clear, to spectro jel and other prescribed medications for acne (both oral and topical) and acne stayed "under control"

- 8th Grade I decided to try something new and completely destroyed my skin (St. Ives Apricot Cleanser & this fading cream)

- Acne went completely under control, tried everything & nothing worked

- 9th grade went on accutane & birth control had a 6 month course & acne completely cleared up

- After 6 months stopped both accutane & BC pills and started to get a bit oily & breakout around August (5 months of being off of both)

- Went back on accutane on September of 2009 till February 2010 along with birth control

- Have had a few breakouts here & there (mostly around time of the month & majority of the time near my jaw/chin area) but have mostly stayed clear since 2010.

- Have been on Yasmin Birth control pills ever since

That's basically the background of my skin. I don't want to take birth control anymore but I'm so scared about breaking out especially since I'm not used to having "bad" skin anymore. I freak out when I have a breakout of 3-4 pimples sometimes lol.

Has anyone come off birth control without getting their acne back? I want to hear both negative and positive experiences... if I do breakout, when can I expect the breakouts to happen ? within a certain month/week time frame?


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