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Red Face With White Circles Around Eyes + Lots Of Blackheads On Nose

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I am 19 and have suffered from acne since the age of 15. I have extremely oily and red skin and have recently started to get white circles around my eyes + my nose and inside of the ears are covered with blackheads. My spots have slightly decreased over the years and although i still get them, they aren't as much of an issue as the redness/blackheads/white circles! I have tried endless amount of prescriptions and products which simply don't work.

Has anyone overcame this annoying and depressing skin condition, if so please let me know!

Also, any suggestions on blackhead treatments which won't irritate/damage my skin further would be much appreciated.

I am wary in trying any more acid/oxide products as i simply don't won't anything that might damage my skin further and potentially increase the redness.


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I would go get your red skin checked out by a dermatologist, it sounds like Rosacea to me. (I have it.)

The white circles thing - I don't know what it is, but do get it checked out as soon as you can, it could be something serious, just get it checked as a precaution. (I'm sure it's nothing severe!)

Now, to remove/reduce blackheads and oilyness, you should exfoliate. Since I have oily skin aswell, I exfoliate 2 times a week. It keeps my skin smooth and less oily, so I'm sure it'll do the same for you! I currently use a Lush product called "Ocean Salt" which is really worth the buy for exfoliating. It doesn't break me out, so give it a try if you want! (If you have a Lush store around you, they provide samples if you want. The smallest jar of Ocean Salt is 20 or so USD. It's worth it though!) Anyways, not trying to advertise, but if anything just look around for a good exfoliator, especially if it's natural - better than chemicals on your face.

You got this! :)

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