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Hey all,

I've decided to start a 10 day water fast to hopefully help heal my sensitive and reactive towards everything skin. Right now i have some rash on my face (other than that face is generally clear at this point in my life) and chest and back acne. Aiming for 10 days, could go over or under depending on how much it helps.

I've done a few short fasts here and there, never an extended one so I figured to help me keep with it I'd write about it for the sake of thy readers... Or just me. Hopefully it helps someone here.

So a little backstory on me and my skin. I'm 21, female, 5'9 around 120 lbs.

Started breaking out through puberty, focusing on it (probably a little too much), tried everything from topicals, realizing topicals won't really help the problem at the core, then reading into what causes acne internally, got into health (no diary, gluten, fried foods, organic, blah blah) which does help but then life happens and you go on trips with your friends and drink beer and BAM zits everywhere. So in a fast attempt to eradicate the problem I go to a dermatologist who prescribes me antibiotics, which I can safely say is the worst thing EVER for your skin. Yes, it could and probably will help at first but it'll most likely boom back at some point or another and a lot worse off than before. So at this point I had pimples everywhere, chest, back, face. I ended up going on accutane, never actually finished the entire 5/6 months I should have been on, did more like a 2 months here, stopped, and when acne came back went on another month. Accutane's great in one way, horrible in others as you could imagine, but non the less if I have to go back on it I will. The only problem is along with my acne prone skin I have sensitive dry skin, so before I shove my body with more chemicals to help a superficial problem that'll do more harm than good down the road, I figured id do something that'll help me understand and heal my body as a whole, and hence a water fast!

I guess a little turned into a lot, so I'll end it here and post further along into the fast.

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