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How I Got My Clear Skin

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Hey guys!

So basically the aim of my game is to try and help at least one person defeat their acne problems!

I am not suggesting using any harsh products like BP or oral medication, I will be suggesting a more natural approach.

I have used Proactiv, 5% BP, Neutrogena etc etc. Proactiv was the most effective, but its not exactly a long term solution.

I have posted a blog about this, but Im going to keep this one short if thats ok. Had acne since I was 12. Face, chest and back.

Got off the Proactiv, and after alot of experimenting I found TWO (or three) products that saved my skin.

Products for Step 1:

- QV Wash - made by Ego farm


- Goats Milk Shower Wash - made by various companies

Both these products are soap free, gentle on the skin and made for dry/sensitive/irritated skin.

Product for Step 2:

- Goats Milk Moisturising Cream - made by various companies

Thats it! Simply cleanse the face, pat dry, apply moisturiser liberally and voila!

I recommend the Goats Milk products especially because they contain Vitamin E, Protein and Goats Milk which is so so good for your skin. My skin was cleared up within two weeks and it was pretty bad..

You can pick up both products for less than AU$10 each, and it will go a long way.

I am so glad I tried this before continuing with using Proactiv and potentially doing my skin harm. Its not always necessary to use such strong products on your precious face, if you can find the right combo with more natural ones. I used to think I had to use all these strong things because my acne was so bad, but you dont.

I hope this helps someone!

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