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Differin 0.01% And Dalacin T

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Hi everyone,

I came across the site yesterday and after reading a large number of posts, decided to become part of the community too.


Acne started around 13-14, it was never - and still isn't - terrible acne, and never as red and scaring as what I've seen on other (even more unfortunate) people. But it was still all over my forehead, my cheeks and my back.

From then and up to age 17 I tried a large number of products, from over the counter clearasil, to prescribed topical + oral combinations and so on. I never considered Roaccutane because I don't feel the amount of acne I have justifies it. There are days now when I cry and don't particularly want to leave the house but then I quickly realise I could have much worse problems and get over it.

At 17 the doctor prescribed Dianette - or Diane - a combination pill both for my skin and to regulate my periods. That didn't work either, and neither did microgynon. I then switched GPs and had to switch pill too because they didn't prescribe microgynon. So I went onto Yasmin.

For 7 years I was then on Yasmin, and I couldn't have been happier. My skin was clear - not 100% - with only the odd breakout around any stressful times/periods etc. but it was nothing I couldn't live with. However, after 7 years I decided I didn't really want to keep taking the pill for all the health risks, religious reasons and also for the hassle that is remembering to take it every night! So in December 2013 I stopped taking it.

By body went back to normal, functioning perfectly well, just as it did before. Unfortunately my skin also went back to what it was at 17. After just a couple of weeks I started to notice spots on my cheeks and eventually my back.

Where I am now

I went to the GP a couple of weeks and was prescribed Differin 0.01% and Dalacin T. The GP looked at my records and simply said "you've tried all of these before, which one would you like"? So that's the combination I'm on.

I've been applying the Dalacin T in the morning and the Differin at night (though I'm not sure this is how I'm meant to be doing it??) for 5 days now, today being day 6. I can't tell if anything has gotten better or worse, but my skin is definitely a lot more sensitive.

I'll try uploading photos every week so that hopefully I can look back in a few months and notice a difference.

Anyone else on the same combo?

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