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Update!!!!!!!! Hi guys, so i am extremely happy to report that I am now 7 months off of accutane and my skin has been completely flawless. and by completely flawless I mean that i literally have no had a single pimple or cyst, or anything in the last 7 months. it is truly amazing. In fact, i often forget that i ever even had to deal with acne, this medication is the stuff of miracles.

my skin ton is completely even now, as for washing my face, you might night believe me but i barely even keep up with washing my face, and when i do.. i literally just use warm water, rinse with cold. that is it. but i have gone multiple days in a row without washing my face, i try to keep up with washing my sheets/pillows, but I've gone more than a month without doing either. my point is , it is almost as if it's impossible for me to get acne. (super knock on wood). So to whoever reads this and you're in the thick of accutane, it will be worth it, I promise. I have strong feelings that I won't ever have to deal with acne again.

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Thank you for all your post, I have read the whole thing.

I start the same drug tomorrow, and have been really nervous about it.

I will be keeping a log just like you so I can help people also to get rid of this awful crap called acne that rules our life!

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