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I Get Pimples On Arms And Shoulder, But Not Back

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I'm 30, I shouldn't be getting pimples, my face is clear as hell. I started working out a few weeks ago, and the amount of pimples and folliculitis has increased, and all of them, are on my upper arms (triceps), and on my shoulder area, ironically, I'm hairy on these areas, and I always shave every 2 weeks, and these are the areas, where I always break out, could it be because I shave?

could it be because I'm hairy in those areas, so when I shave and the hair grows back, it gets infected, I have both pimples with white heads, and folliculitis, not much, is very little compared to most people here, right now, I have like 3 pimples on each arm/shoulder, it cannot be a coincidence, that on my back I have no pimples at all, and all of them are on my upper arms and shoulders

but I hate body hair on my upper arms, and especially shoulders, is black, dense and thick, especially on the shoulder, it looks awful.

I have 2 options now, stop shaving, and maybe lighten the hairs with some bleach or get laser hair removal someday on those areas

No wonder, all these years, all my pimples were located in those areas, and I would always shave, I kinda had a feeling that it could be due to shaving, but I wasn't sure

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