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Stubborn Back Acne Along Spine, Facial Dryness And Some Other Regimen Questions

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Hi all,

Got a few questions regarding my combination skin and different types of acne on different parts of my body. Tips/advice from anyone whose dealt with or is experiencing the same are very welcomed!

First, my back:

This is ultimately why I started the using the Regimen. I've always been a bit prone to body acne through my teens and early twenties but generally very manageable and cleared up by the sun in warmer months and too little to be concerned about in the winter. Throughout the last year I started getting extremely stubborn breakouts up and down the length of my spine. Good news is that the Regimen is undoubtedly helping but I've looked around online for more info about this specific breakout zone and come up empty - save hyperbolic warnings about meningitis rash etc. That said, I have long, irregular work hours and have been dealing with sleep-schedule issues for several years. As I see a marked difference between periods of doing the regimen 2x a day regularly (steady improvement) and when I skip once or go through the routine 6-8 hours apart (not so much). I've got curly hair that goes haywire in a steamy shower, even if use a showercap, making the cleansing step fairly time consuming. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some type of astringent or cleansing cloth that'd be suitable to occasionally swap for washing my back on late nights or rushed mornings.

Next, my face:

So .. let me just say I applaud those of you who follow the instructions of testing a product for a few days before jumping in. From day one I've been using the full amounts of pharmacy bought products on my face as prescribed for body acne. That's the Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Cleanser, Nutregena 2.5 BP and Alpha Hydrox AHA. My skin is quite fair and I do tend to get red easily but apparently it's fairly resilient because things have gone .. okay. I'm just now getting pretty awful dryness around my neck and below my ears, about week 4. I get the tingling/burning/redness but nothing major. I'm thinking I should reign it in on the face regimen and essentially start over (probably cut BP to once a day or even once every other day cuz I'm so dry). Bottom line is I rushed in and am paying the price and am curious if anyone else out there was as impulsive as me, and has any advice for correcting the reckless application!

To recap:

- Break outs along the spine? Oh - ps, I switched to a good, allegedly non clogging shampoo and conditioner and already try to make an effort to keep my hair off my back.

- Any potential cleansers/cleaning wipes that I can use in a pinch for back acne when I haven't got the time to deal with skin and hair?

- Recommendations to backpedal into the recommended regimen now that I've overdone it with the BP and AHA on my face? I'm getting pretty scaly over here.

That's it for now.. I was really hoping to leave acne behind in my first quarter-century, but glad to have stumbled on to the regimen. Here's hoping I can make it work for me. Thanks in advance and best of luck to everybody!

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