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Trying One Thing After Another

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Hi guys!

I've been sooo frustrated lately with my bacne. It seems like I've tried almost help. I've had moderately severe acne for about 6 years. It never really got cystic (knock on wood) but it's pretty bad.

I've been on 4 different antibiotics (yes 4!!!), differin gel, benzoyl peroxide (burns my skin), glycolic and salicylic acid, tea tree oil, multiple prescribed body washes, and MORE. I cannot even list them all.

My derm recommended accutane, but seeing as it's almost $500 a month plus blood work, it's not looking like it will happen. Plus, my brother was on it or a while and his white blood cell count plummeted.

Right now I'm using lerosett clay, I've been using it for about 3 weeks with no improvement. I'm also taking zinc and l-lysine supplements (started today). I took probiotics for a week thinking that it would help my leaky gut, but I broke out severely.

I'm just SO lost and frustrated, anyone in the same boat as me or have any tips?

(I got tested for food allergies today, not allergic to anything so I can rule that out.)

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