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Clean & Clear Toner, Clearasil Bp Cream, Or Cucumber Mask?

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I have moderate acne but it comes and goes away, 6 months good skin - 6 months bad skin, and today is bad skin season. I recently bought Clean & Clear toner with salicylic acid and used it concomitantly with Clearasil BP cream, at first, I saw some improvement, the big and red bumps dried out quickly and the comedones were 50% gone, but recently, I noticed some light red rashes on both cheeks with little pus filled bumps (although not that noticeable until I look at the mirror in a close up view). I was thinking if it is an allergic reaction, and remembered that I used cucumber slices as mask 2 days ago. But now I don't exactly know what really caused it, I've used salicylic acid and bp before but read that some people also get reactions from both products over time.

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