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Echinacea Gut Changes

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This article from WebMD (below) says that echinacea was found to change the composition of gut bacteria. It does not say whether this change was for better or worse and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this.

About a week ago I started drinking echinacea tea 3-5 times a day (box says to drink that much when you are "sick" lol). Everything was good but yesterday my body cleared out like I took a laxative. I'm taking a break because that wasn't the effect I was going for. I'm wondering if anyone has an experience with this. I'd be keen to hear from some of the candida/leaky gut crowd as I think I might have that and a gut bacteria change might not be the worse thing. I don't have a rash or stomach/abdominal pains. I sometimes get fleeting headaches and definitely get dry mouth but both are easily fixed with a big glass of water.

Here's the article, you be the judge (but please weigh in here):

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I mainly take yogurt and water kefir as probiotic sources so I have no idea about echinacea tea.

I've had similar laxative effect only when I tried to taste some leaven I was making with water kefir+flour (well I'm not 100% sure it's from that, but that's my best bet for now)

Big off-topic:

By the way, making gluten free bread using water kefir leaven is damn hard (I mean, you can make something edible, but it just won't rise correctly)

Is your nickname a reference to Two Steps From Hell?

Sorry to ask, but how in the world is Comic Sans MS a better font?

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