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18/m First Time Low-Dose (With Pics!)

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Finally,decided to create my own topic! xD

Took time to write a report so i'll just ctrl c + ctrl v here!

Hey guys! New user here I'm from brazil,18 years male,and my name is Bruno,pleasure to meet you all!

Started my accutane treatment last month(15/03/2014) with 20mg daily after being unsucessful with clindoxyl and differin,BUT,my real problem is my face oiliness...and some mild back acne(mostly 'old pimples' who left mark,not actives)I just can't go out for more than 45 mins after my complete morning routine without shining and attracting attention from everybody near me...yeah...pretty low self-esteem,so i discussed w/ my dermatologist about taking 20mg twice or thrice a week,she disagreed and told I should do the 'regular course',20mg now,then 40mg if I don't feel bothered much by side-effects,let me show you the progression

Days 1-6 : Really nothing to say about,just waking up,rush to the mirror and think : "DAMN,THIS DOESNT WORK FOR ME,WHAT AM I GONNA DO?"

Day 7 : Wake up and misteriously my face skin is dry,not dry patches,pale,just like a REALLY good skin,I was washing my face thrice a day with theracne,right after I wake up,then 6-8hrs later,and 6-8 hrs later again(so,6:00 AM/13:00AM/20:00AM most of the time),now I just need to wash it once! And mostly because of city pollution,because my skin doesn't feel dirty or greasy at all.

And it will stay perfect with no oiliness for more than a day : "IS THIS REAL LIFE? *-* "

Day 14 : HAIR IS SOOOOOOOO DRYYYYY! Skin starts to get dry around the nose and on some pimples that are fading away,my nose started to get ''rough'' and I thought it was my skin too dry,but the roughness was caused by all the blackheads just ''trying to get out of my skin", I was like WTF THEY ARE JUMPING OFF MY NOSE,so I carefully took out all of the ''easy ones'',even though they were pretty big...(I know you gonna say don't pick it)

I got a real problem with chin and nose blackheads...after 2-3 days with a lot of empty holes,pores closed,they didn't come back,my nose didn't get red and it's SMOOTH AS HELL NOW! Nose blackheads gone,oiliness gone,pimples? Never were much of a problem,but I 'kinda had' a IB for a week,where I had like 4-5 internal pimples on my forehead(I never get those intern) who popped after 1-2 days,those heal realllllllly quickly!

Afterwards I started to apply thermal water to my face and exfoliating once a week,the dry skin,flaking,peeling,etc stopped totally,and right now,almost 1 month in,I never felt so happy...I can just get out of the bed,brush my teeth and go out for DAYS without caring of my definitely feel people approaching you A LOT MORE! EVERYWHERE!

Then,I've reduced dosage on my own because my derm wouldn't allow,so I could test the efficiency ''my way'', did 20mg for a day,skip 2 days,take twice a week,oiliness still gone,and my skin looks 100% ok,not a single active pimple,blackheads less noticeable,that just sky-rocketed my self-esteem...Never felt so good and confident.

For those who disagree about lower dosages: My only real problem as i said is the oiliness,and that definitely doesnt need a dosage like 40-60mg a day just to get the cummulative dose on your system,you must know,even with 200mg/kg, the acne and oiliness MAY come back,so...Why should I suffer during 5-8 months where I can't even smile cause my lips will crack and bleed all over the place,and the skin around the nose will be flaking,hurting...Then 1 month treatment ended it all comes back...Its a big no-no for me...I'll currently hold on to 20mg twice a week,tell my derm about it,obviously,and hopefully she won't stop giving me the prescription.

So,til now : only side effects were flaky/dry skin around day 14~18,I took it daily for 1~14,then alternating after that(twice/thrice a week to check if i get side effects,did I get any? no!

20mg daily side effects : Dry skin around nose and flaky on pimples,and hair dry as hell,and that's it,didn't feel it more sensible to touch,light,or anything at all,my body skin is perfect also,no oiliness and very hydrated even though I don't apply moisturizer(bought one tho,using mostly on tats and elbow/knees/feet/hand,just to feel good and it has a nice scent

That really made me happy,I thought i was gonna get destroyed with 20mg daily,maybe if it was for longer than 2 weeks...I can't even imagine what taking 40mg for longer than 2 weeks would do to me lol.

Now i'm on day 25 : Clear skin,no oiliness,no pimples,no dryness,some blackheads but yeah..can't get rid of 100% of them,just feels like I never had acne nor oily face!

I also should say I got a tattoo on 02/04/2014 (day 18),everything went just fine,I just did it cause I really felt my skin wasn't affected at all(at least body skin),now its 80% healed,and I'll be getting new ones pretty soon! Will try to upload pics with every update that shows a difference on my skin,or side effects,or anything at all!

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Back! Now on day 49,taking 20mg alternate days,still no side-effects besides dry nose/hair,unnoticeable though,oily skin still gone! Only getting pimples occasionally on my forehead,but boy,are they huge...when they pop they heal in 1-2 days though so no problems,I prefer having them for some days than hide myself with all that shine forever...

Thermal water still heping a lot,my skin texture is so smooth right now,pictures don't do justice imo.

MUCH LOVE for accutane,kinda pissed off because my derm never prescribed it to me cause I only had mild acne plus oily skin,''just wash your face twice with this and it'll be better",NO IT NEVER GOT BETTER AND U KNOW IT,GIMME ACCUTANE T_T 4 tattoos since treatment start,all healed perfect,and actually faster than the one I made in january,still,don't recommend it,risked cause my skin looks to be taking tane extremely good,i'm going to my derm in 5 days and I think she's not gonna like my new tats but it's done lol

Here are today pictures! Actually just took them at 1:20 AM cause I had nothing to do and came here to check out lol,also try to extend myself so I can practice my english again

EDIT: Forgot to mention,my skin routine been like waking up then just wash it with cold water if I feel it's needed(maybe twice a week),i can just wake up and go out for the whole day without having to worry,then between 20:00-22:00pm I bath and that's when I wash it with the soap i've been using for the last 2-3 years: "Theracne",composed mostly by triclosan+panthenol,I feel it cleans really good and also helps calming down the skin,and the better never dries out my skin,probably cause of the panthenol?

Never had my nose so clear of blackheads before,bit flaky on the tip too

Right cheek,some fading marks

Left cheek,clear i guess

Three actives,one giant,IT HURTS D:

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