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Weird Thing

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So guys,recently im investiating something in my own regimen,originally my esthetician recommended my some decent products and yes it works wonder,before that i didnt really have a bad acne,just some ocasional acne which borthering me.Anyway my regimen is actually kinda normal which is cleanser->toner->moisturizing and then a spf that moisturise,i have a combination skin which is the T zone is the most oily,so after few months using these my skin is 93% clear,i do still get ocesional pimple but not that worse,so in my mind,im thinking to stop using the spf because i think it's the one that makes me still getting acne,after few weeks without spf,my skin becoming worse pimple keep appearing everyday,so i decide to use it back and get my skin under control,another crazy idea pop out of my mind i use it at night too (yea moonburn),and weird thing is my skin is clear now,been doing this for months and there's only 1 pimple in each month that appear on my face.Dafuq?? any thoughts anyone?

P.S: Sorry for my bad english lol

*Too long didnt read: I use SPF at night and it helps me

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