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Going To Be Prescribed Accutane

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Hi all! I've been suffering with acne for most of my life, it started when I was around 11 and obviously got increasingly worse over time. By the time I was at the end of middle school, I had HORRIBLE cystic acne all over my face. If I had a penny every time I heard the jibe "pizza face" I'd probably be a billionaire.

I was finally able to see a dermatologist during my Junior year of high school and have been seeing them ever since (I'm currently a Junior in Undergrad). When I first met with my Dr. she had suggested Accutane to me but I was super reluctant since my boyfriend had just finished his Accutane treatment. Watching him go through the intense side effects; all of the skin on his face basically sloughed off, was really difficult for me to watch so needless to say, I wanted other options. So she prescribed me antibiotics and topical creams and we called it good.

I just came back from my appointment today and in the past 5 years, my Dr. and I have gone through so many different topical and oral medications that I feel like a pro at this point. Today she asked me to reevaluate the Accutane option, saying that at this point in treatment if the meds we've tried haven't given us the results we're looking for then there really is no other option. My cystic acne is pretty much obsolete, with the occasional "stress related" flair up, and I only break out in small inflammations now (which is a huge plus for me).

I know all of the symptoms like peeling skin, dry eyes, and the detrimental birth defects that go with this drug. But I was wondering if anyone had any other insight on this issue? My boyfriend (yes the same one that was on Accutane in high school) and I know that if we do continue on to get married and have children, it most likely will not be until after I am out of graduate school; which will be at least 5 or 6 years from now. My thought process is this; would it be more beneficial to take the drug now since I have about 5-6 years wiggle room and would probably have the drug out of my system by then? Or should I stay away from this drug all together?

I will be on my last "regime" of oral and topical drugs for the next 3-4 months and would be looking to start Accutane (if i do) around June or July of this year.

Any help that anyone has is so greatly appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time!


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