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New To Claravis Need Advice

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Hey everyone I wanted to start this post to see if you guys that have had success with Claravis can give me some advice on how to approach this medicine.

I'm 24years old and started getting bad acne just a couple months ago as a teenager never really had and in my early 20s had but not severe it was controllable

Now I am actually suffering from it since I have no idea how it got this bad on my face and some on my top back. Im really hoping this treatment of Claravis works

As I have read some positive post. I'm completing my 5th day on it with a dosage of 30mg a day. I wanted to share that I am in the bodybuilding/personal training field and love to workout

But sometimes when I get bad breakouts is hard to show my face in the gym. I have been taking my pill in the mornings with my breakfast and I heard is best with food, either way I have breakfast

Twice and hopes it gets the full absorption. If anyone have anyone have any advice or opinions they want to share please post your comments if we are in this forum is because we're all in this together

And going thru a difficult time in our life's. Thank you

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