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Oral Contraception In Conjuction With Topical Antibiotics

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Hey guys,

I'm a 20 year old female girl who just got acne. It's only located on my lower cheeks to my jawline. Right side is severe compared to the left which Is mild. However they are not cystic like. They are like a plague of angry stubborn pimples or pustules in one area.

Anyways it all started with the under the skin white head pimples back in October. So I decided to go on the pill again yasmin to hopefully clear it. However I did experience these under the skin pimples a year ago at the same time (hot weather build up live in AUS ) and my friend used that black head tool and got them out. Now a year later they are back and I didn't do that. Went on yasmin instead and now it has flared up ! Been on yasmin before and my skin was clear at the time and made it clearer. Anyways, now I've been prescribed to minocycline and istorex. Initial break out of purging. I haven't gained anymore break outs *touch wood* I'm just wondering how long do you guys think all these known-to-be effective treatments will work? I've also experienced stress and anxiety in the last 6 months which then gave my results of high androgen levels!

Who thinks my treatment is sure to do wonders? I've notice alittle difference but if anyone who has used these treatments before how did they go for you and how long did they work? DRAIN MY BRAIN WITH INFORMATION AND EXPERIENCE PLEASE!!

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