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Accutane Dry Bumps

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Hi there,

I am a 24 year old male from Australia.

I have been on 20mg of Accutane a day for the last 2 months.

Anyway my question is: I have developed these little bumps on my forehead and on my cheeks. The bumps at first are soft and appear like clogged pores i believe, but some become a more little raised, and fairly dry and rough.

So my problem lies in the fact that thick creamy moisturizers even the non-pore clogging ones, seem to clog my pores - but if I choose a lighter oil-free moisturizers for oily skin - then its not enough and my face goes red and these dry bumps get more under nourished.

If I scratch them off underneath is a redness and sometimes a little spec of blood.

What can I do to try and eliminate these dry bumps and stop clogged pores from developing.

Thanks so much,


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