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How Severe Is My Acne (Pictures Included)

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Hi, can someone/anyone please have a look at these photos and let me know how severe my acne is? I did think that I had moderate acne, but actually since i've been getting very large cysts forming under the skin (I have one now, which is quite hard and painful) then maybe I have severe acne? I also having blackheads, whiteheads etc ... in fact, i seem to have it all - but it's quite localised (to the cheeks). Wondering what the best thing to do is with the cyst - my skin scars very easily, but i've been using various things like tea tree oil, vit c serum, bp etc. Also my diet is really good - no dairy or meat, lots of veg and supplements. I also run every day, so not sure what the deal is... And as for the pics - they actually do make it look a bit better than it is, at least you can see the marks from a mile away if you're looking at me!


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