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Dry Skin And Whiteheads. Exfoliation?

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28 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was 14. It was terrible back in my high school and college days but much more controlled now (some days my skin looks nearly perfect).

Best things I've ever done for my skin have been completing dropping all products, aka "caveman regimen," and only splashing with water. The other thing would be completely dropping fluoride (or any toothpaste) and only brushing with baking soda.

That said, I still have some dry skin which causes whiteheads mainly on my chin. I'll wake up with flakes on my face. I don't use moisturizer or anything like that because I truly believe all that does it mask the dry skin by providing moisture to your dry skin (dead skin cells) when they shouldn't be on your face in the first place, which brings me to exfoliation. I've avoided exfoliation due to the fear of damaging my skin, but the more I look into it the more I see that regular exfoliation (NOT everyday) is good for your skin. I think I have some condition that pushes too many cells to the surface but they don't fall off on their own (retention something).

What do you guys use to exfoliate? I'm thinking about purchasing some baby washcloths and exfoliating maybe once per week. I'm not even going to try any chemical exfoliants because I've been down that road before and they were helping to destroy my skin (no matter how "natural" they are supposed to be).

From what I'm reading about that retention condition, it sounds like it's a hereditary thing so I'll have to exfoliate for life to help my dead skin cells shed since they can't seem to do it on their own.

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