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Corn Sensitivity And Cystic Acne?

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Saw something about this on Dr. Oz today. Just wanted to share.

Current Health Strategy

Supplements: Vitamin D3, krill oil, zinc, and comprehensive detox protocol by Bio-Botanical Research. 

Diet: 100% paleo since circa 2014. Recently began including grass-fed liver; bone broth; fermented foods; and more greens into my diet. I cannot stress enough that healing your gut is critical to overcoming acne and all other related health issues. Sleep, exercise, stress management, and social interaction are also very important.

Status as of 04/15/2016: Renu 28 honestly seems to have helped my skin. Usually I am very skeptical of topical treatments because acne is the result of hidden internal stressors (hormones, gut bacteria, food sensitivities, blood sugar response, etc.) but this seems to have provided some level of relief.

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