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Success! And Tips

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This is a thank you note to Dan, the regimen and this whole site. I lurked on here for a long time and ordered the kit and after about a month and a half it started to really well. I am still with it about 6 months later. My skin went from moderate to severe and in between for years. My skin is so clear and I am so happy about life. I love this site and encourage everyone to stick with it.

Some things to note:

EAT HEALTHY!! even if it isn't the cause it can't hurt and generally makes your skin better.

AHA is amazing

Take vitamins

Work out

Change pillow cases

For me it works better to use less benzoyl and i can get the same results

Don't worry too much about your skin or the regimen, people say that it is very bad to miss a day or a regimen but for example when i go camping or something, i don't worry about it and my skin is always fine. I often do the regimen a little too late or early. also fine. just stay fairly adamant without letting it run your life.

Thank you so much

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did you go through hell the first couple weeks? because im slowly trying to add more bp and whenever i try to do the bp twice a day, my face burns and i get flaky hard patches, which im trying to treat with moisturizer+jojoba oil. debating whether or not i should try AHA as well, because this sh*t burns!!!

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