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Simple But Effective?

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Going to get straight to topic, I have tried almost everything, but now I am clear. Here is what changed -

I use fresh, clean towels over pillows when I sleep.

I use organic honey on my face at night. (Needs to be organic)

I cut out my multi-vitamin. (I eat anything)

I don't wash my face with water, only wet a towel and rub off honey gently in the morning if needed. (With clean towel)

This helped me a tonne, although I still wasn't clearing at a good rate.. Until I started to use Cotton Buds.

I Cotton Buds to make sure my hands never touch my face. I use to relieve itchiness, a substitute for avoiding touching your face with your hands.

I use cotton buds to apply honey.

This makes sure your face stays free from bacteria,

Honey, cotton buds, sleeping on towels and cutting out my multi-vitamin has finally allowed me to have clear skin, after a long, long trial and error process..

It is quite simple to implement this into your routine

I hope this was short and simple and easy to understand

Cheers folks, all the best with your new skin :)

I noticed results straight away, but I kept this up everyday, and became clear.

Everyone is different though, hope this helps, can be hard dealing with this at times, stay confident :)

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