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Sensitive Sunscreen To Use Whilst Using Duac/differin

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So, I have been prescribed Duac, Differin and also antibiotics from my doctor. Its been nearly 2 weeks I put differin on at night, leave it to dry and put aqueous cream on. In the morning I wash my face with garnier sensitive deep clean wash, apply a verrryyy small amount of duac to problem areas (mainly chin and around my nose, a few on my jawline) and wait for it to dry before applying aqueous cream and then my spf oil free revlon foundation.

The reason I apply so little duac is because I think Im a bit allergic - when using it as directed, more generously my eyelids became sore and my skin stings like heck when I moisturise. Now I have been using a whole lot less, the stinging is alot more bearable and my eyelids are improving. The only thing that doesnt sting is vaseline. Even aqueous cream was stinging me!!

Here in England the sun is coming out... I am very fair skinned as it is and really need recommendations on a spf face moisturiser that isnt going to sting me while protecting me from the sun - I'd rather not be wearing my foundation as my skin is dry and it makes it look worse

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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