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Hack Acne

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Hi everyone.

I am a longtime acne sufferer, have had moderate to severe acne since I was 13. Anywho all the meds weren't working, even antibiotics and accutane, so I have been going about it differently lately.

Over the past year I have gotten around 60 vials of blood drawn, plus other forms of lab work too. I have done this in order to identify the root cause of acne, as well as anxiety and other things.

During the next few weeks I am going to post all of my labwork so that everyone can see it. I would also like to open the website so that other people can share their data in the future. This will enable us to pinpoint the root causes of acne together.

This should really crowdsource research, as research typically moves in a top-down manner, driven by pharmaceutical funds.

I like and it does a lot of good. I have yet to find a website that figures acne out in a regimented and quantified fashion. Hopefully this can bridge that gap.

Check it out:

Also let me know if you have data that you would like to share and we will keep in touch

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