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Medium Chemical Peel Pre Accutane?

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I was supposed to start accutane yesterday, however, I didn't get my ipledge card in the mail (sent to wrong address) and have to prolong the process. I leave for Europe in less than a month anyway and decided it'll be better to do over the summer. My breakouts aren't big in number, just scarring. I usually get a cyst around my period. My biggest problem is my scars currently and I know you have to wait long after accutane to get a peel, but I was wondering if a medium chem peel would be okay, and recommended before starting? My face is decently in control, I want to do accutane eventually and know there may be an initial breakout, but I would feel so much better in Europe with a less-scarred face. Thoughts? Waste of money? Lasers?

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