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Face, Chest, Back, Shoulder And Arms Acne

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I am 21.. Got acne from the age of 14. It wasnt that severe though. But presently its scarring alot. Black heads on ma face and white heads on my nose and chin and side of mouths even below my nose :(..I have been to several doctors like more than 6-7 doctors in last 7 years. I have tried clindamycin, azelaic acid, microdermabasion and right now i am on DIFFERIN from past 6 is the start of 7th week.DIFFERIN on face and ACNE DERM(azelaic acid) on body acne. I had severe rash because lf azelaic acid last week. So my derm asked me to stop for a week and then to start again...every time i use azelaic acid i get this severe rashes on chest. And because of rash from last week i got pimple and red marks on my chest, shoulder and back. Its damn itchy.

Does microdermabasion increasess your acne? Does it cause more scarring? I think after i had 3 sessions of microdermabasion i am more prone to acne..:( IT SUCKS.. More than that i am suffering now from stretch marks on my arms. White tiger stripes. Its so depressing. Having sucidal thoughts currently.

Any effective and FAST treatment for acne scars ?

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