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Ziana/biacna Starting

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Hey there friends !

I have struggled with acne for over 10 years. I have tried everything. (Im sure most of you can relate…)

I am allergic to BP so i cannot follow the routine….

I have just started on Biacna ( its called Ziana in the US) and want to continue a log while I'm on it to document the progression. I also want to hear of others experiences and suggestions.

I am currently on my 3rd day of using it at night. I can tell my skin is getting thinner and a lot of the clogged pores are already purging out ( not inflamed though) so i can scrape them out or gently pop them….

Its encouraging !

I also use a clairsonic at night with Fresh cleanser before the application of my Biacna.

In the morning I use the same cleanser and then Fresh toner as well as Complex-15 moisturizer. Though I need to get a SPF over 30 to start using ASAP.

well i hope i can start a thread that involves others experience on this retinoid/antibioitc… as ideally i would like to purge all of the comodones then switch to just a retinol so that my face doesn't become resistant to the bacteria.. I have also heard that once the skin adjusts to the treatment you can start using a BP cleanser in the morning to prevent antibiotic resistance but I am allergic to BP so i would like to know of any alternatives that would help prevent the antibiotic resistance….

Thanks for reading…. Im going to post photos of my progression also !

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Hi there, I've been using biacna for 4 months now. My skin is doing better than it was but I'm still not clear yet. I'm interested to know how you will progress!

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