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Any Experience With Milk Thistle?

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I've recently started supplementing with standardized Milk Thistle one time a day and wondering if anyone has any success, experience with helping with fat digestion and liver cleansing which would ultimately help with inflammation and skin?

I am taking doxy in conjunction with Spiro and really wanting to treat my liver well and aid it in all it's work. Since taking doxy I also take a good probiotic, but I noticed an increase in bloating and IBS symptoms since on the antibiotic. However, I noticed the last 3 days that I've been taking Milk Thistle, I don't have as aggressive as symptoms as I had before. Could this be helping?

12/30/2013- Started Spironolactone 50mg then up to 75mg with Yas
2/2015 stopped BCP due to Aphasia/Migraines
2/2015 Spiro upped  to 100mg no BCP
1/2016 Spiro upped  to 125mg no BCP

2/2016- starting Berberine 500mg 3x day

Daily skin care routine from Makeup Artists Choice

MUAC Mandelic Acid Cleanser

MUAC Mandelic Acid Toner
BP Dan's
Cerave PM- mix in Dan's AHA at night

Exfoliation- MUAC Mandelic and Lactic Acid Peels


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