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Hey! So I am new here but I feel like I need to put in a little tip on what helped me! I went to sephora and had my makeup done. The girl who was doing my makeup had perfect skin... So I asked what she was doing, she said she used to have terrible acne until she started using oil in her face wash. She used Argan oil "Josie Maran" under her makeup as well. I Was like WHAT? my skin is oil so oil sounds bad. WRONG! I bought Argan oil and started using it sparingly under my makeup as well as coating my face with 100% grapeseed oil at night and I swear within a few days all of my patches of acne on my cheecks and chin was gone. No joke... I put a small mount of Grapeseed oil in my facewash which I use dermalogica medibac clearing wash. Using oil on my face has greatly reduced my oily skin as well as stopped my crazy random cheek zits that i swear just kepy forming.... I now use Clindamycin topical solution which is presciption only and rather spendy. I bought mine from a canadian pharmacy and sent in my presciption. WORKS WONDERS on case you were wondering! OIL is amazing! try Argan oil from Market of choice or on amazon!!! I have tried everything! Over the counter acne products as well as prescriptions.. minocin, tetracycline, etc. even hormal balancing medications, nothing helped!!!! OIL is key I swear. Dont use a scrubby or anything rough. just your fingers and oil for moisture! :) and dont pick or squeeze!!!



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