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So Frustrated

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Hello Girlathome!

I think you're a little crazy. Acne makes us all go crazy, It's just crazy all in all. What I can suggest you to do, is to maybe do some stuff at home to take your mind away from those negative thoughts! What I do, is that I dance in my room to soothing music, read awesome books, or just sit down and meditate. IT IS REALLY PEACEFUL! I am a figure skater too, so I like watching figure skating videos and practicing my jumps/ stretching in my room!

You can try it helped me when I was my most down with big acne cysts. What this helped me with, was to stop thinking about the pimples, but to just realise that all this will pass. Everything passes. AND! Try not to put anything on your face. Aloe Vera should be fine. But stop harsh chemicals, cos all they do is to make your skin irritated. Even without acne, it will be red and angry!

I tried tea tree oil for the longest time but it didnt seem to work for me, I went for an allergy test, and VIOLA! I am allergic to tea tree oil. LOL! So, maybe try not to put such stimulating oils/creams on your face too. Always choose the simplest and gentlest. Like manuka honey or aloe vera.

OKAY AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, always visualise clear, healthy skin. ALWAYS POSITIVE THOUGHTS, BANISH ALL NEGATIVITY. Give your mum and dad and siblings a hug which lasts no shorter than 20 seconds. They want to see you happy, and they want you back. Do not hide from them, okay? You are their flesh and blood after all.

For negative thoughts and depress feelings. Try getting some badger balms. You could get the Stress Soother, Cheerful Mind Balm, or the Sleep Balm, all of them really help in making you feel peace, calmness, and loved. ^^

If you didn't already know. You are really really BEAUTIFUL! And I'd like to be friends with you as well!

Oh oh! Watching Glee, Teen Wolf and TWD really helped when I was cooping up in my room too. Ignoring acne has been one of the best treatments. Just go about doing the things you love, and (though it's really difficult) try to not give a flying f*** about what's on your face. It's been like 2 weeks since I finally got to feel happier again. And of course, I notice my skin healing as well. =) No more big cysts!

Not sure about the "crazy" thing, but these are some great suggestions.

Girlathome, the best treatment is to lower anxiety and stress levels about life and the acne itself, which is much harder than treating breakouts with gels and creams and cleansers.

Aromatherapy and a long bath help me stop thinking about my acne, but I realize that doesn't work for everyone, because when I had bad acne on my chest, the last thing I wanted to see was myself shirtless. Do whatever relaxes you the most! The most difficult part is just getting your mind OFF the acne because, in my personal experience, it's constantly what I'm thinking about no matter what I'm doing. But when I manage to do it for a few days, I find that my face doesn't look nearly as bad as it did (or I thought it did).

Remember: your acne will always look 100% worse to you than it does to anyone else.

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Let's hope this acne nightmare ends soon for both of us. I feel worse then ever right now. Coming on here seems to help because I know I'm not alone in how I feel

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