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The Cycle Of Acne

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This is what has been happening to me for quite a while and i dont know what to do :(

1. Realise your skin is pretty damn ugly - start using BP

2. BP leads to -> less pimpley and breakouts but -> lots and lots of red marks where acne was

3. Feel alright about not getting any pimples lately so start using AHA to get rid of marks and stop using BP

4. Red marks start fading but is gradual process

5. Pimples come back

Back to step 1

Anyones advice would be helpful to clear up skin :) I am currently using salycilic acid wash + BP and every second day wash with AHA just AHA marks are made worse by BP so i dont think they're getting any better while using BP and AHA at the same time.

Thanks fellas.

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I'd would stop using all 3 products at once if I were you. You're using 2 different chemical exfoliants (salicylic acid and I'm assuming the AHA is glycolic).

Get a gentle cleanser with no antibacterial/medicinal properties (such as Cetaphil or Johnson's baby wash), continue with the BP and then slowly implement the AHA into your regimen. You're currently over irritating your skin. Are you using a moisturiser after all of these products?

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