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Rodan And Fields Deblemish Line

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My cousin showed me this regimen for acne that she tried herself and she also has moderate acne like mine. Her skin is the clearest I have ever seen on a human being.

I paid 145 dollars and after using the sulfur face wash, scar lightening toner, benzoyl peroxide dual treatment gel and oil free moisturizer, my skin has gone from an oil slick to DRY.

My skin peels off in CHUNKS. The past week I've only used the wash and toner and using baby lotion for the dryness and it's still flaking off. It's especially bad at my temple area and around my eyebrows.

This is my LAST RESORT. I have tried every over the counter, prescription wash and gel, antibiotics, tv ad wash, BIRTH CONTROL and was on the verge of taking accutane but...the need to have my blood drawn and tested for liver failure, monthly pregnancy test, and risk of worsening my depression and anxiety scared the ever loving crap out of me.

Has anyone else used this? Did it help or hurt you? I'm scared I am the only person this hasn't worked on and I'm just destined to live up to my childhood bullies' nickname of pus face?

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