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After 4+ Years Of Being Acne Free, It's Back

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So hey guys, im back. I haven't been on since 2010? because my sudden adult acne had disappeared and my face looked well, pretty damn good for the past 4+ years.

This winter though, it's come back and though not as severe as I've had it the first time, it's been very debilitating because I thought I was over it.

Some background on me:

  • I'm Asian, male, tan skin
  • I'm 24
  • First broke out in severe adult acne consisting of nodules and purplish cysts back in 2008, starting around October. I assumed then and now what triggered it was stress and weightlifting a lot.
  • Spring of 2009 came by and the acne just stopped. By summer it was all gone and my hyperpigmentation subsided and I was left with little to no scarring. If i remember correctly i think I used lactic acid 30% acid and self-needled a bit and it helped, particularly the needling for my minor cheek scarring. My scars were mostly boxcar and rolling. Again very minimal scarring - you really couldn't notice it - and I was relieved.
  • Next winter of 2010 came another breakout but very minor compared to the previous, mostly comprised of milia/small whiteheads. This too passed by spring/summer. No scarring at all from these.
  • The next three years flew by and I didn't have any real breakouts. Just a pimple here and there and they would disappear. My skin was essentially flawless for the most part. Even during the winter (I did move to a warmer climate for one winter though-the rest were in the east coast).
  • *Never took accutane - so I summed it up to my hormones just returning to normal

So with the worst behind me I pretty much forgot I even had acne in the past. I was confident, social, etc.

And all of a sudden around late July/August 2013, I start noticing a couple clogged pores and milia on my jawline and cheeks. No biggie I think. All of a sudden I notice them just multiplying. They were everywhere.

Finally around mid-August, a few turn into red pimples on my cheeks, neck, and jawline, which quickly turned into pustules. The neck and jaw acne sucked because I never had them before! And they would leave such bad hyperpigmentation.

Fortunately my acne has somewhat calmed down. No more neck acne at least. BUT my skin is now scarring, being slightly indented. And this has greatly depressed me. I don't know why it's happening. These AREN'T cysts or nodules, just small little whiteheads/pustules. I'm guilty of scratching/popping a few but that never used to leave any scarring. Now the texture of my right cheek looks all shitty.

I think I'm going to start needling or dermarolling again bc I remember some success with it, but I really don't understand what's going on. Is anyone going through something similar this winter? And have any suggestions? Why am I getting these clogged pores and why is my hyperpigmentation taking so long to fade?

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Start with your diet. What's your diet like?

And if you're getting neck/jawline acne it's most like that your hormones are unbalanced. See if you can get your hormones tested.

Vitamin D3, do you get enough sun?

much luck

If you have pitted scarring look into Subcision-Suction as well as microneeding. Check out my success

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You should try vitamin d3. It seems your acne gets worse in the winter and better in the summer which could be related to a vitamin d deficiency. The same thing happens to me. I started taking vitamin d3 about a month ago and I'd say I'm 75% clear right now. I've read it takes about 3 months to clear completely, but I tend to think most treatments should anyway. I'm taking 5,000 iu's a day

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