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Colorless Bumps Between Eyebrows Will Not Go Away

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Hi there.

So this past fall my skin sort of started acting differently I guess you could say than from what I have been used to. Normally I'd just get the usual pimples here and there around my chin and nose. Recently there have been marks that come and go on my forehead and cheeks, but for the most part, they haven't been anything to go crazy about or complain about.

However in between my eyebrows and on the bridge of my nose are these 2 colorless dots that just won't budge! They don't itch and to be honest they aren't extremely noticeable unless in bright bright lights or if someone is up close, inches from my face.

That being said, they are still extremely frustrating to deal with, and when it comes to my self-esteem/self-conscious, I find these little things to really bother me. There are also a few on my forehead and one tiny one on my cheek, but it is mainly the two dots in my nose area that are really bothering me, because its dead center on my face.

I have seen a dermatologist just to ask some questions, and he didn't seem alarmed at all by anything (which I understand as I'm sure he has seen people with much more severe skin issues). I have a prescriped Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% and Sulfur 5% face wash that I do once every morning, a once a day use of prescription promiseb cream to help with my dry skin, and a prescribed clindamycin that I use twice a day. I also take a nicomide vitamin when I wake up and when I go to sleep. For the most part this treatment has been great and leaves my skin feeling great and I don't really have any new breakouts or blemishes popping up.

Yet the bumps on my bridge remain (along with some on my forehead). Around my chin area sometimes I will breakout, it'll get red, form whiteheads, and then dry out and fade away. This has not happened with these two bumps on my bridge. They are just colorless bumps.

ANY input as to what this is or how i could go about dealing with these would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for typing on and on about it, just figured the more information the better! I'll attach a picture of the two bumps on the bridge of my nose to help! (I also pointed out some other "bumps" that have NOT dried out, turned black or white, or show signs of disappearing) (The black mark on my forehead seems to be dying/drying out very soon).

Thank you all in advance,




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