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Switching To A New D3 Brand And Some Questions With My Story

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Hello I need some help.

I am currently on D3, 400 I.U. and is from fish liver oil:

Since it is running out, my next bottle is this 5,000 I.U. D3 which is from lanolin as shown on the label.

Wondering if the quality of its source is at the same level of the natural D3 from cod liver oil?

The I.U. is up from 400 to 5,000 I hope to get good result from it.

I just had a breakout a month ago, around Dec 25, 2013 after I got rid of the sinus infection. I think I was injected a very low dose of steroid too. I am not sure if that broke me out but as far as I can recall I was clear while on the doctor's prescription for 12 days.

I then added Oil of Oregano into my regimen in order to prevent another sinus problem and then I got the breakout on area I usually have no acne (including the area I always had), most were whiteheads which could be extracted but then red marks were left. A few new acnes kept coming every day for the whole 30 days and I just started to feel it calming down a few days ago. I cannot put my finger on the stuff that caused the BO but while I was on the prescription for 12 days I stopped taking several supplements I was talking such as Saw Palmetto, betacarotene, Dry Vit E, Curcumin, Olive Leaf Extract, NAC and a few more (which weren't taken daily).

I am in a state of confusion...let me rewrite my story and I really hope to get some help or suggestion.

I am male, Asian, 34 years old.

-I had acne since 13 years old, not cystic. I tried antibiotic in teenage years and failed.

-was put on Accutane and loved it in 1998. The first time I was given it for 6 months, was clear after 4 months. Month 5 and 6 the red marks were all healed. Only 45 days after the last pill taken, the acne came back. The derm was so crazy to put me on it for a short time and that was only a temporarily bliss to my suffer.

-went to another derm in 1999...she told me she went on it too but had to quit due to hairloss. She put me on Accutane and told me I had to take a full course...120 mg x my weight 70 kgs = 8,400 mg in total. The dose were reduced after every few months. Before I stopped I took only one 10 mg pill every 5 days. I was clear for 2.5 years! Then it came back and I got back on it for 2 more courses. So in total I took 4 courses, actually 3 if the first short course is not counted. My last Accutane pill was taken in Nov 2011. Around April 2013, acne started to invade my face again. So this time the drug could stop it for only 1.5 years, perhaps due to the Thai brand called Acnotin, which may not be as effective as the original one from Roche.

-May 2013, started on Paula's Choice Clear system...face wash, BHA and BP. I remebered I broke out a lot after using it for 2 weeks, and I told myself I had to wait, just be patient. And yes, after finishing the first BHA bottle, I was getting much better. A bottle lasted about 2 months. I use BHA twice a day, while BP was used at night The result is almost like taking Accutane, the only difference is less side effect and oily face remains.

However, I was using supplement too, but started in November 2012 while my face was still clear (wasn't using it for acne but for health benefit).

Buffered C 1000mg

Hair, Skin & Nails (contains MSM)



Grapeseed extract




Triple Mushroom

Vit E (dry)


-As previously said, started to have a breakout in April 2013, I then added Saw Palmetto Extract in April.

July 2013:

One pill of D3 400 I.U. and Salmon oil (2 grams per day) were added

August 2013:

B5 was in. I have been taking 1 gram per day. 500 mg twice a day.

Dr. Stephen Langer's Ultimate 15 Strain Probiotic with FOS was added too.

October 2013:

Oilve Leaf Extract 500 mg. 1 capsule per day.

Kyolic #105 Garlic, A,C,E Selenium

-My face got 98% clear around the midst of October. I was on the 2nd bottle of BHA. I rarely had new pimple and I was VERY HAPPY because the result was almost like I was on Accutane. I don't care about oily face as long as I am acne free. To be honest I have no idea what helped me, Paula's Choice of continuous use or the B5 that was added or because of many things together.

-So, starting the topical BHA and BP regimen in May 2013, I got real clear in October. Wow that took about 6 months but I know some people may take longer than that and I really didn't know about the diet-acne connection much. Now I know that too much carb can cause acne. I am Thai and so always eat rice and a lot of it.

-26 Nov 2013, got sinus infection. Went to see the doctor and got some pills to take at home, was injected an anti-inflmmatory stuff, steroid was in there but at a low dose. 12 days later I was clear from sinus problem.

-8 Dec 2013, stopped the prescribtion.

-Did internet research and found Oil of Oregano to be good for overall health, including sinus and acne. So I bought one from Gaia herb and started in on Dec 25.

-Around Dec 26-27 I had a surprising breakout. I almost scream. I did not stop the Oil of Oregano. I search for this "oil of oregao, die-off effect, acne", and got some result that it could cause a die-off effect in acne form. So I decided to continue with it, 2 gel capsules per day for 2 weeks and reduce it to one a day for another 2 weeks.

-Up till today, 30 Jan, I am still taking it, one a day. My face is calm once again but red marks are to be taken care of. Using Hirudoid Post Acne gel to get rid of it. Anyway, still have a few whiteheads though but I feel it will be better.

If you have read my post so is my questions and thoughts.


1. After reading a lot, including Seppo Puusa's idea ( a Thai woman is going to translate it, we will have a Thai version soon), I will be eating less carb, less sweeteners in any form (better not at all if I can). Will try to get stevia instead. I'll eat more cooling effect food and less warming effect food but isn't onion and garlic good for sinus? I have a bit of allergies problem, swollen nostril when temperature changes.

2. I will try to get my life back. I work at home so I am sleeping at 6 am and get up around 13.00, crazy isn't it? I am dreaming of going to bed at midnight and get up at 7 am. That may be helpful in a long-term acne-free ride.

3. For emotional aspect, will try to calm down better, avoid stress-causing scene the best I can.


1. I'm not sure if Oil of Oregano is safe to be taken once a day? I take probiotics too so that should be okay? I was thinking of stopping it for a while and take it again but then that BO thought is too scary. If this oil caused my BO in December, stopping it and retaking it will cause another round of BO? My point of taking it is for sinus problem too. And Gaia says "Supports the GI tract and promotes healthy intestinal flora" which makes me want to keep taking it as on this forum many suggest that a healthy gut can lead to clear face? What do you guys think?

2. D3 in lanolin form any good compared to from fish? It's 5,000 I.U.

3. My Salmon Oil is running out. It will be out before the new bottle arrives and so will be eating Chia seeds every day. Salmon Oil from Carlson I take is this:

My question is, I always eat Chia Seed too, about a few times a week. Thinking of eating it everyday to help me eat less but then wondering if too much Omega 3 can be bad? Chia Seed is said to have Omega 3.

4. I also bought Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil because it has been praised big time on this site:

I feel that I need anti-inflmmatory supplement to help get rid of acne. My question is, is taking Cod Liver Oil along with D3 and Salmon Oil okay? Will I be taking too much anti-inflmmatory supplement?

I have written a lot I know some people would have stopped reading since the first half way. But If you are reading this, can you share some thoughts and suggestion please? I have promised myself not to get back on Accutane. I will try the natural way the best I can. One thing I have not tried yet is liver detox, and I am interested in it.

I will sure take less supplements in the future too. Or reduce some of them to every 2 days instead. But please note that I am not taking all the listed supplement every day.

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I am not sure if this thread should be moved to another forum? Maybe general dissusion room? I just need some suggestion. :)

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