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Pimples To Cystic To Small Little Bumps Spreading

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Hi! I'm almost 14 and I've had issues with acne for a year as of december. I had perfect, flawless skin and then out of nowhere I got about 10 pimples on each cheek that varied on size and came and went for about 4 months and then I FINNALY got my skin back up to par and it was perfect again... that lasted for a month because I got spoilt, lazy and thought I didn't have to work on it anymore. A few tiny tiny tiny little bumps showed up on my right cheek I didn't care I thought it would go away but no. Overnight LITTERALLY I went from those tiny tiny bumps to FULLBLOWN CYSTIC ACNE when I woke up. That lasted for 6months.

I tried EVERYTHING from natural remedies ie, honey cinnamon mask, witch hazel, rosewater and castor oil to acne medication and cleansers like salisylic acid, beta hydroxy, alpha hydroxy, retin-a and as a last resort of desparation benzoyl peroxide which I didn't want to try because I knew it works but your skin gets addicted and u need more and more but at that point I would do anything to get my skin back.... it still didn't work. Everything would work one week and worse the next.

So at that time I thought hmm ok it isn't topical I guess so I changed my diet, I don't eat fruits or vegetables at ALL! so this is the part I dreaded the most. I cut out sweets, didn't work. I cut out fast food, didn't work. ate veggies, didn't work. I tryed to detox with teas, herbs, barley grass, apple cider vinegar, fish oil, vitamin c, and nothing worked as a matter of fact the healthier I ate the sicker I got internally and externally. I was at a point where I pretty much gave up. No make up could cover the monstrous non human like skin.

It wasn't untill I came across TEA TREE OIL and De La Cruz SULPUR that I started to look like myself again. It took 3months to get my face clear. It was worth it.

NOW--------------- I had clear skin for about 2months up untill recently. I have these strange white head like bumps that formed on my forehead and multipleid by hundreds and they r noticeable in the sunlight and makeup helps but I still want to know how to fix this. its a stange kind of acne I have now that is speading to my cheeks and around the mouth. they aren't white head because when extracted it let's out a rocklike yellow or clear ball others don't budge. On top of that I come across pimples and cysts in between my eyebrows. HELP ANY RECOMENDATIONS????????????????????? Thank you for reading my novel :)

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