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What Has Worked For Me

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I've had acne for 7 years. Although, I've tried pretty much everything at CVS and proactive, these only seem to be patching a bigger problem. To solve my acne problem (at least reduce it to a manageable condition), I've had to think about what triggers my acne personally. Acne has several causes and you must figure out what is at the core for you as an individual. For me, it was greasy skin combined with reaction to dairy. I began to notice the correlation between milk and breakouts last year and since then have cut out milk ( which means no more Honey Bunches of Oats :( but no worries, I still get my Vitamin D).

I also noticed I have overly active sebaceous glands which would make my face greasy after a couple of hours every time. I began using these cleansing pads with a particular fibre that sucks the grease off my skin. So instead of fighting bacteria on my face with harsh chemicals, I am preventing the creation of a suitable habitat from clogged pores. Preemptive strikes FTW.

So there are my two cents. Know what causes it for you and work preemptively against it.

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