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Transitioning From Tactuo (Epiduo) To Differin

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I need some help as I have not seen any posts that are similar to my issue sad.png

I have moderate acne, oily skin, large pores and blackheads on my nose/cheek areas. My dermatologist prescribed Tactuo (Epiduo in the US - I am from Canada) which is basically adapalene 0.1% with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. It works very similarly to Differin, but just works more on bacteria. I used this product for 4 months and it cleared up my skin tremendously (I could actually go without wearing a foundation!)! The only thing that remained was a bit of scarring on my cheek areas.. it also made my skin very sensitive and dry. When I went back to my dermatologist she prescribed Differin 0.1% to use from now on, as she said it would keep my skin clear as well as remove the scarring over time.

I have used Differin for 1 month and my skin has gotten worse.... way more oily, larger pores, my blackheads are more noticeable.. and I have breakouts on my cheeks again. My skin just looks all around awful again sad.png

I have read on numerous boards that you have to give Differin 3-4 months to work as it works very slowly and to keep with it.. BUT.. I had been on adapalene prior to starting Differin (Tactuo).. so wouldnt this make the Differin work right away? Both creams had 0.1% adapalene in them.

I dont know whether to keep with this Differin product or go back to my Tactuo again... I do like the moisturizing effect of the Differin though.. with Tactuo I had to use another moisturizer in the morning. With Differin I dont have to at all which is nice. No drying or peeling either..

If someone could help me out or has had a similar experience it would be much appreciated!


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