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I've been on the regimen for allmost 9 weeks now,

my skin is allmost clear but because I still have red marks ect. I really want to wear foundation,

but when I put my foundation on, you really can see the dry skin!!

My skin isn't as dry as in the first weeks, but because I've got acne on my cheeks -AND THEY"VE NEVER BEEN OILY BUT DRY-

this area is even dryer!!

So please, any advise?

Sorry if my English is bad, I am from Romania so I don't write in English that often!

Thank you!


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Because the regimen product causes dryness i would recomend putting oil on your face. Natural oil, like morrocan oil, coconut oil and event the oil they sell on this site. I also have been using this product for 2-3 months and when my face is extremely dry the lotion sometimes isnt enough. Then once you feel your skin more relaxed go for a light weight foundation. Hope this helped! :)

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