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Red Raised Circular Mark On Arm Won't Go Away!

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My dermatologist is terrible and won't do anything or even tell me a diagnosis. He just acts all nonchalant like I am OCD and shouldn't worry about these things when as many of you know they can be very stressful energy draining to deal with.

For 6-8 months I have had this pea sized red mark that is slightly raised on my upper arm and at the moment as you can see in the picture it looks like a crater, it is healing from the outside to the center.

When completely healed it is just red raised and circular, and kinda feels a little rough/tough under it (100% not a cyst). I went to the dermatologist and he wouldn't do anything for it so because it felt like there was stuff under it I stupidly popped it hoping that it would heal flatter but unfortunately it did not. I do not even mind if I end up with a flat red circular mark that is flat that will fade in time, but because it is raised it is very annoying and hate wearing tshirts with it.

Can someone help me identify this mark and what it may be, and any possible at home solutions or what you think a dermatologist can do to get rid of it? My guess would be it just seems to be a small raised keloid scar but any help or input would be greatly appreciated!



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