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21 Year Old Man With Acne Under Chin, Near Mouth, And On My Neck

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I have dealt with mild acne for most of my life. It started with the usual high school acne which was completely hormonal. For about two years it was pretty bad (my parents both had acne in high school and said they have pretty bad skin in their teens). But it finally started to clear when I was going to college. I got to college and my skin was great! The occasional breakout here and there but I kept my skin really clean and I thought everything was past me.


It started around October of 2013. I started to notice a couple of pimples near my mouth and under my chin. Not thinking to much of it I did the usual wash your face twice a day and apply a gentle cleanser. It didn't work at all. The acne spread to the point where basically my whole front side of the neck (lymph nodes and throat) were completely covered in acne. People were obviously noticing so I went to a Dermatologist in mid November. She prescribed 100mg of minocycline and a topical substance of benzoyl peroxide 2.5%.

She said that it will take awhile for you to see results but hopefully the acne will improve in 4-6 weeks. Well its now been 8 full weeks and really nothing at all has changed. I haven't missed a day of washing, I have cut basically all sugars out of my diet, I have stopped drinking alcohol, I drink a lot of water everyday, I am active (soccer player) 4 days a week, and nothing seems to be working.

Type of Acne: I believe that it is cystic acne. I never really get whiteheads above the skin as most of it stays under the skin. The acne stays around the neck, lymph nodes, and under my chin. It is super annoying and really nothing has helped.

I was on the internet trying to look into what could be causing it and I ran across an article about congestion in the lymph nodes. Before the big acne breakout I was pretty sick. I had a bad cough for about 3 weeks (not exaggerating) and a pretty awful sore throat (I was basically eating throat lozenges). I finally felt better but then the acne started to show up.

I had a weird bump under my chin on the left side and I am pretty sure after some research it was a swollen lymph node.

Well anyway I was hoping to know whether or not anyone has had this happen to them and what worked/didn't work at all. I uploaded a picture of what one of the sides looks like. Hopefully this will help.





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