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Hidden Red Mark Killers

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Diet: Your body needs to have healthy cells to reproduce and fight skin damage. However, it has to be balanced. Too much of anything, even omega 3 (too much can hurt our skin's ability to fight bacteria), can hurt us. Remember the food pyramid and too get plenty of fruits and vegetables, while not getting too much of any one thing (multivitamins hurt, you get everything you need in a healthy diet).

Showers: A big hidden killer. If you take long hot showers, you are not doing your skin any favors.

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Bacteria: This variable cannot go ignored. The best way to stop red marks is through prevention. Whether it is the Regimen, or another method, the goal here must be to kill the bad bacteria on the skin while creating the least amount of irritation possible.

Sunshine: Well known to make marks darker, even though it might make your skin look better. If you decide not to wear sunscreen, at least be cognizant of the fact that sun will make your spots worse and try to stay out of the sun.

Dead Skin Cells: These buggers can slow down your skin's ability to reproduce skin layers. But the art of exfoliation is easier said than done. You have to take into consideration temperature and how good your specific skin is at reproducing and what form of exfoliation you will do and decide how often you will exfoliate. I suggest you start off slow, because doing it too often will cause more harm than good.

Harsh Acne Treatments/Irritation: Say you simply used BP on your acne, without any moisturizer. This would create dryness and peeling, which are very irritating and make red marks worse. All other sorts of irritants are out there that can damage your skin and your red marks.

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