Does Anyone Else In Your Family Have Acne?

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Lots of people say acne is genetic and if you have it, someone in your family should or did, too.

Personally, I'm flying solo in my family when it comes to acne. My sister's got perfect porcelain doll skin and my parents haven't ever struggled with acne either.

I thought there might be a few more of you going through this and we could relate!

It's frustrating enough to be the only one out of your friends, coworkers and acquaintances, but to be the only one from your bloodline with acne and be stuck at a loss as to "why me?!" is just plain awful and lonely.

Oh well, i'd love to hear anything you all have to add!

Are you the only one in your family with acne too?

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Right now no one in my family has acne, they all seemed to grow out of it. My mom said my dad had bad acne tell around 20s and seeing him now he has perfect skin. Hoping the same will happen to me, though I am sick of waiting.

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My mom and dad had acne, but they grew out of it, and there's was never as bad as mine. My grandpa and my mom's brothers had really bad acne though, bad enough to scar. I have two sisters, and one has skin just like mine and the other has really great skin.

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My mother claims she had moderate acne during her teenage years, but says she grew out of it when she was about 18 yrs old. Well, on old pictures her skin doesn't seem to be perfect, but it doesn't look that bad to me either.

My father also told me he struggled with acne...but honestly, I think it wasn't acne but only a pimple here and there since his skin looks flawless in most of his photos from when he was in high school. So I think he exaggerates, maybe to cheer me up because he also keeps telling me that his 'acne' vanished when he was 18. :(

I don't really know about my grandparents, but my brother also has mild acne.

So yeah, I'm happy that I'm not the only one in my family who has or had acne. It would be much worse for me if I didn't know my skin problems are at least partly genetic, so I understand how you must feel :/ I think if I was in your place I couldn't stop asking myself/worrying where my acne comes from if it's not genetic...

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My father had acne as a teen, and my brother has it also. I have cleared mine completely by avoiding high glycemic foods and dairy. I explained to my dad that acne is like diabetes of the skin, and he said "wow" as if it made complete sense to him now. He said he was addicted to sweets when he was a youngster. My brother's acne is likely due to poor diet and not enough sleep, though his is not as bad as mine was at its worst.

My mother has completely perfect skin and has had perfect skin her whole life. This fact coupled with her insensitivity about acne due do lack of experience made being a pimply teen in her house kindof tough. She meant well, but she had no idea what to do for it or that her red beans and rice might be causing it.

My dad is part native american, which I think caused the sensitivity to insulin spikes that me and my brother both inherited. We are also all lightweights when it comes to alcohol. Maybe it's a crock, but I've found that traditional Muskogee foods like winter squash and freshwater fish are very helpful for keeping my skin clear.

My current skin "regimen" includes: fish, small game (rabbits), chicken (with the skin, and also bone broths), organ meats (so important), all vegetables except potatoes, minimal cheese and goat yogurt (only as a treat occasionally). I also add lots of unflavored gelatin to my soups and stocks, as gelatin is invaluable in wound healing, collagen rebuilding, and generally looking great. I also juice carrots every morning (we'll see if I turn orange).

As far as topicals go, I use a salicylic acid cleanser and a retinol night cream. I also use a day cream/tinted moisturizer that has sunscreen in it... Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer

If I do get an odd pimple (which is always my fault due to eating cake or chips or something at a party), I do a face soak with epsom salt and leave the salt water on my face to dry. This COMPLETELY reduces inflammation, and usually the bugger goes away that same day. If it's persistent, I make a paste with epsom salt and leave it on while I do housework or whatever. I rarely have to do this anymore because my changed diet has completely changed my skin. The emotional scars are still there, but my skin looks better than it did when I was 14 and I am 24.

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Suffered from acne as a young adult that went into remission when put on hormonal birth control. Went off the HBC around age 22 and the acne returned with a vengeance (along with a host of other hormonal complaints). 100% clear with a modified diet that excludes dairy, sugars, grains, citrus and cured meats and emphasizes whole food-based nutrition from both plant and animal sources, most notably organ meats like liver and juiced whole vegetables. I have included a recipe for the most helpful juice I have come up with for skin complaints. I drink it every day, and it is invaluable for acne due to the large amounts of vitamin A (carotenoids) from both the carrots and beets. It also helps improve your coloring if you are very fair, giving you a pinkish, more radiant look (not orange. Don't worry!).

Magic Juice

In a juicer, combine:

5-6 carrots

1 medium beet

2-3 stalks of celery

1 small apple (Green is preferred. Omit if you are very sugar-sensitive)

1 small (1inch) piece of ginger (optional, but good for digestion)

This makes a variable amount of juice depending on the size of the vegetables you use.

Drink this throughout the morning until it's gone. Store in the fridge not longer than one day.

Having perfectly clear skin on my wedding day was worth all the headache and effort of figuring out how diet affects acne!


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How about being japanese and having acne! According to some people on my course i fail being an asian because apparantly you dont see many eastern asians with bad skin.

My family has great skin, so smooth and pale. I want it.

It hurts.

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