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Pills (Not Bc) And The Regimen

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Hi there,

I've had acne ever since I was about 12. For me, this meant at least always having 20+pimples on my face all the time! I'm a picker and got some lovely scars because of it (I'm hoping it's just on the surface tho--more on that belwo). Recently (I'm 29), I have found out that I have hormonal acne. I was on the Nuva ring for a while years ago and I remember that it was good for my skin but it negatively impacted my mood and wanted to try more natural things before going back to the hormonal/chemical route.

Lifestyle: I try to work out 3-6 days / week and eat as holistically and organically as possible. I even supplement with Juice Plus the Vineyard and Veggie blends! I drink QUARTS of water every day.

I have very poor circulation and take Krill oil every day for that (just 1 pill in the AM).

I heard about Vitex on this website and decided to give it a try. I've been taking 1 pill in the Am and one in the PM for the past 3 months now, and it has made a HUGE difference! However, I didn't see a difference until about the 2.5 month mark--so it takes time.

I recently started adding 1 50mg tablet to my evening pills--that was about 4 days ago, and I think that I'm seeing a difference--but I may do 75 mg and see how that works for me---Right now, I only have a total of about 4 active pimples (and only 1 big one!).

Since I'm still new to The Regimen, I've been using my Cinique Dark Spot corrector in the AM. I have a lot of dark spots from previous acne, so I'm hoping this will help!!


AM: Cleanse, Clinique spot corrector, SPF, moisturize

AM: 1 Vitex; 2 Vineyard Juice Plus; 1 Krill Oil pill

Lunch time: 2 Veggie blend Juice Plus

PM: 1 Vitex, 1 50 mg of Zing Gluconate

PM: The Regimen

I'm wondering if I should give my skin a few more days before I up the BP to 2x/day (I'm on Day 5 and currently only doing 1BP application/day). If I waited a bit longer, I could up my Zinc Gluconate to 75 MG and finish the Clinique product, and see if I'd really even need to start The Regimen!! What do you think???

Any input would be GREAT!!

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Have you ever tried yoga? Yoga is really good at balancing hormones. I have been meaning to go back to keep my hormonal acne at bay. Also, for the marks I would try chemical exfoliants and peels. They work amazing. You wouldn't even have to use them for long. I've used a brand called Skin Obsession on amazon. I had their 30% glycolic peel. Recently I've been trying products by MUAC. The mandelic toner is amazing. I also like their lactic peels. I bought one of their milder TCA peels but haven't gotten around to using it yet. Good luck!

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