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Okay To Use Products With Active Ingredients While On Accutane?

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I'm starting accutane in a few days, so i've been doing my research and buying the right products I should be using for my skin while I'm on the drug.

I'm thinking of buying the QV gentle wash, because I'm not really a fan of the cetaphil gentle cleanser. It doesn't have any active ingredients or anything and has generally higher reviews than cetaphil so I'm not too worried about that

But their QV lotion contains active ingredients: Soft white paraffin 5.0%, glycerol 5.0%. Hydroxybenzoates and dichlorobenzyl alcohol.

I'm also thinking of buying their Sunscreen moisturizer which does contain active ingredients but they're sunscreen ingredients right?

Would it be okay to use these moisturizers while I'm on accutane? or does anyone else have any suggestions on what moisturizer I should be using?
my dermatologist told me I could use cetaphil cleanser as a moisturizer but I really didn't like that idea.
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