Breakouts After Cabbage And Spinach

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I have been struggeling and trying to figure out the causes of my breakouts / unclear skin for years now...

Lately, I have tried to go on different diets like, dairy free, gluten free, low carbs, and I verified that diet connects directly to my issue because every time I start eating standart soups, vegetables and salmon my skin clears up totally..

These are the latest foods that caused bad breakouts on my skin around 12h+/- after eating them, please if anyone can see a connection or has any tip to point me in the right direction...

Breakouts causing things I ate lately:

- Juicing spinach

- Eating well-steamed / boiled cabbage

- Onion soup full of cooked onion slices, with a decent amount of butter

- 2 Pizza slices

- 2 Organic egg omellet fried in coconut oil + 1/2 red grapefruit for dessert

I am out of ideas and theories on why each of these foods made me break out, but I suspect it has to do something with:

- Certain foods block/affect thyroid function and/or iodine absobtion.

- Suspecting Saturated fats because I can eat 1.5% and 3% yogurt and drink home made 4% kefir but not eat pizza.. and also.. coconut oil and butter caused breakouts too, they both have saturated fats in common.

I would love to hear what you have to say about it, big thanks.

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Been researching and reading about histamine before, This theory felt like a good one untill I asked my self a very good question...

"If Histamine is somehow related to my acne / breakouts, how come I can drink 1 glass full of fermented goat milk kefir for the past 3 months and never broke out from it?", and yes it is on the high-histamine food list, because it is fermented.

But I will read some more I guess.. :o

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Have you considered a sulphur connection?

Just a note on the histamine issue, Dr Janice Joneja PhD uses a bucket analogy with histamine intolerance, that it is when levels of histamine exceed a certain amount that the body can cope with, symptoms develop.

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ScenicView, you're theory seems to make some sense, but I wonder how is it any time I eat pizza or yellow cheese / other kinds of cheese I get breakouts instantly, but when I eat 2 servings of farmed salmon (not even wild), in servings of 150-200 gr and drinking 1 cup of goat milk kefir, (both containing ALOT of histamine) according to what google says.. no symptoms and no breakouts, I am so confused sad.png


I have read everything about the sulfur theory, the list of high sulphur has many foods I suspected before, like cauliflower and buckwheat that seems to cause slight breakouts / whiteheads for me, but this theory seems so far from possible, I tried googeling about sulfur and acne, no connections that I could find sad.png.

I guess the best way to test if my issue is sulfur or histamine, would be simply wait for my skin to 100% clear up, and then test canned tuna in water (to eliminate the saturated fats from the equation) and if I dont breakout.. I can assume it is sulphur I should research deeper (since tuna is low on sulphur), but if I do breakout I guess histamine it is (since tuna has insane amounts of histamine).

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I also think saturated fat may be one of the only things i have correlated as breaking me out. But it is very hard to go low saturated fat for me after i became phobic of pufas, after avoiding pufas for so long with no benefit maybe it is time for the realization that i am, in fact, a pufaphobe.

I have some serious negative association when i see histamine intolerance and sulfur mentioned. I spent a while looking into all that histamine stuff but it was a nightmare, some stuff has histamine but other stuff can induce a reaction etc etc. Minefield of hell. I think i have some kind of intolerance to sulfites but i am not sure about sulfur, also i am not sure that the sulfites actually do anything to my acne. Also there is so much stuff out there about sulfur actually being good for you and acne.

I am not really sure about spinach, all i can think of is oxalates and it isn't good for gout but i can't think how it could relate to acne.


The onions and cabbage could be the fructans in them? Which then affects your gut bacteria - immune system etc?

I know fructans like onions, cabbage especially and fiber in general turns me into a gas machine and affects my gut - bowel movements [poo] but i have never been able to correlate this with my skin or anything else. I think i have some kind of malabsorption going on with fructose and fructans and fiber but i don't know how significant it is - to anything. Something to consider maybe. - fructose malabsorption - gut connection etc.

God gave us everything we need; the earth to live on, animals to feast on, vegetables to make side dishes and fruit to be eaten in moderation.

The devil put grains, beats and sugarcane on the earth to tempt us.

For approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago most of us strayed away from temptation but the devils influence grew stronger and eventually we swayed to his evil ways.

God new that those whose faith was strong would never fall to temptation so he punished those who took to the pleasures of grains and sugar by not giving us the ability to digest grains and making sugar poisonous, eventually leading to all kinds of health problems including acne.

But some wanted there cake and to eat it too, free of health problems, so they made a pact with the devil and sold their soul's for acne free skin.

We see these people consuming delicious breaded, dough based meals, baked goods and confectioneries but with crystal clear skin.

These people are walking with the devil!!

They are the spawn of satan!!

Paleo is the righteous path my children!!

Your faith must be strong!!

Do not fall to temptation!!




is the


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This is all so confusing, I dont know how to approach this anymore, it can be billion different things.

casein, saturated fats, histamine, gluten... >___>

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got a prick test which said I was sensitive to histamine. I just tried a low histamine diet, and some of the low histamine foods broke me out as well. I loooked back at the test and saw I was sensitive to garlic as well, which was one of the low histamine foods I was eating. So I took out the garlic and onions, and now I'm mostly clear, except for breakouts along the temples.

I am suspecting either the cabbage, butternut squash (non-organic since it isn't in season), or these 100% wheat noodles which were peocessed in a facility where eggs or dairy and soy were made or somethin. So I switched back to wheat noodles with no soy and egg or dairy contamination, took out any non-organic foods, and stopped eating the cabbage. I might post my results in a week or two.

So, Alex1987, you may have a histamine intolerance, or sensitivity, but still breakout on low histamine foods. As far as the high histamine foods go, well that's very confusing. So idk.

If someone sees this and wants an update, you can qoute or pm me.

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I'm a vegetarian

I suspect I have leaky gut which caused food sensitivities which lead to acne. Note: Food Sensitivity is different from allergies and intolerances! I stopped doing things to my face, and started doing nothing but focus on diet. My acne has never been more clear. I'm recovering from cystic acne.

Status: %90 clear

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I also break out from similar things.


Just today, I tested red cabbage and it definitely did something. I also suspect onions, garlic, ginger, and possibly turmeric.

I have verified 100% that I am sensitive to butter. Also nuts and seeds (including olive oil and all the other vegetable oils!!!), coconut oil but slightly less so. I am 100% that nuts do something. I ate a handful of brazil nuts a couple weeks ago and broke out from it.

I am still in the process of testing chocolate, but it seems safe so far. So it might just be nuts and seeds that I'm sensitive to.

I also thought meat might cause me to break out, but now that I'm discovering all these new things... I need to go back and re test everything! But I recall breaking out very badly from eating any beef.

This week I'm going to test citrus using limes, shrimp, and chocolate. After that I want to test different types of meat to see if I'm sensitive to meat in general or just certain types.

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Onion, garlic, turmeric are all high in sulfur...perhaps your body is not efficient in removing sulfites or converting them to sulfates

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