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Would Retinol Be Harmful For Hyperpigmentation?

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I am very curious about using retinol (not retin-a).

I know retinol is weaker than retin-a and has harder time giving desired effects to the skin,

but I am not sure if my doctor would prescribe retin-a in the first place.

I have used .30 retinol from Make Up Artist Choice in the past and did not have any problem.

Skin felt a bit more sensitive and that was it. However, I dropped it because I thought it was not beneficial to my skin.

I am thinking to use higher concentration retinol again this time to accelerate skin turnover.

I do have acne prone skin, but it is decently under control. I do get acne here and there, but not big ones.

Main problem with my skin is that I get acne in the neck area still, probably because of shaving infection.

I am not sure if using .50 or higher retinol would be beneficial for hyperpigmentation or acne scars.
Does anybody have experience in using retinol to treat either hyperpigmentation or acne scars?
Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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